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XTEK is the primary provider to the Department of Defence for portable X-ray equipment, demolition remote firing systems, search, detection equipment, Hook and Line EOD tools and heavy RPV robots. 

XTEK supports EOD and Tactical Law Enforcement agencies within Australia with all equipment from wire cutters to Bomb Response Vehicles. XTEK also has the ability to provide more than off the shelf solutions with the backing of an experienced engineering and maintenance division. XTEK works closely with operational EOD technicians in the research and development of new technologies to support EOD and IEDD operations domestic and abroad.

Browse a range of EOD/IEDD equipment below.

Search / Hook and Line
Counter surveillance and Intelligence
  • M2YS (Contact us for more information)
  • Avalon Biometrics (Contact us for more information)
Force Protection
Training and Consultancy


Product Brochures

For more information, please contact:

Alan Elliott, EOD/HRR Manager

W: 1800 500 032

E: alan.elliott@xtek.net