Meet the team

XTEK Head Office Staff

Managing Director - Philippe Odouard

Chief Operating Officer - Robert (Bob) Quodling

Company Secretary/Head of Corporate Services - Lawrence Gardiner

Chief Financial Officer - David Brooking

Head of Business Development - Tibor Fekete

Project Manager/Systmes Engineer - David Jenkins

Supporting Staff

Office Manager - Sharon Hickenbotham

Accountant - Evelyn Greaves

Quality Manager

Quality Assurance Assistant - Paul Buckley

Marketing/Tender Coordinator - Hailey Jamieson

XTEK Sales & Marketing Team

Alan Elliott

EOD/HRR Sales Manager


Dr Kate Grimwood

Forensics Sales Manager


Daniel Richmond

Tactical and Protective Solutions Sales Manager

XTEK Technical Team - Head Office

Head of Business Development - Tibor Fekete

Technician - Mark Allen

Workshop Supervisor - Joe Nixon

Zachary Streatfeild - Technician

Ted Reakes - UAV Development Manager

Trevor Neunsinger - Technician (not pictured)


Ahmed (Al) Akkawy

Logistics Engineering Division Manager

Logistics Controller - Norreen Pike

XTEK Engineering - Adelaide Office

Dr David Thompson - Head of Engineering Development

Scott Jenkin - Design Engineer

Cedric Herault - Machinist/Fabricator - Technical Officer

Luke Davis - Technician Assistant

Anthony Campman CAD/CAM Engineer