Garrett Metal Detectors


Garrett Electronics, Inc., DBA Garrett Metal Detectors, is a leading manufacturer of security and hobby type metal detectors. Our headquarters is located in Garland, TX, U.S.A., which is a suburb of Dallas.

The Garrett Company started operations in 1964 and is privately owned U.S. company which designs, manufactures, and markets metal detectors on a worldwide basis. The company employs the largest R&D staff, which is totally devoted to the metal detection discipline. It owns numerous patents, including the first patent devoted to using microprocessors for metal detection. All products are designed and produced solely in the United States and incorporate state-of-the-art technology. The current product line meets or exceeds all international standards for metal detectors

Garret markets its products worldwide and is actively selling into over 80 countries. It has a distribution warehouse in Holland, which services the European Union and surrounding countries.

Garrett uses a sophisticated international distribution network to sell and service security type metal detectors to airports, schools, courthouses, correction facilities, government and privately owned facilities, law enforcement, loss prevention, hospitals, and other application areas. One of its largest efforts, however, has been in the area of Events Security.

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