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XTEK is a supplier of high-quality protective security, tactical and forensics solutions to the government, law enforcement, military and commercial sectors.

To place an order email to xtek@xtek.net or call us on 1800 500 032.

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Commanders Exploitation Kit
The Commanders Exploitation Kit (CEK) has been produced to provide a modular approach to using both the NinjaTek PEK and MPEK products. This kit is designed specifically for Weapons Intelligence Team (WIT) Commanders.

The Kit contains the following:
- Olympus TOUGH 14 Mega Pixel Camera with Macro functions for close up images.
- Spare Battery.
- Protective Camera Pouch.
- Scene Marking Kit for Evidential Photographs.
- Large Forensic Photographic Scale.
- Small Forensic Photographic Scale.
- All Weather Notebook.
- Retractable Pencil.
- CEK Protective Pouch.

Size of Kit: Approximately 200mm x 360mm x 90mm (lightweight pack).

Pack Material: Made of 1000 denier nylon which is water repellent and strain resistant.

Pack Design: Pack contains a number of interior pockets in addition to a large pouch containing scene marking kit and forensic photography scales. The kit opens flat for quick and easy access.

JPX002JPX Black with Integral Laser
JPX004JPX Orange with Integral Laser
JPX020JPX Holster with Magazine pouch Cordura
JPX050Green Tip Training Magazine for JPX004
JPX051Orange Tip Live OC Magazine for JPX

Orange Tip Live OC Magazine for JPX frames. The JPX magazine holds two cartridges filled with a liquid irritant agent or with a dye marker available for training purposes. The filling volume is 10 ml (0.28 fl.oz). The cartridges are powered by a propulsion charge. Each magazine can be used twice after two blasts it is disposable.
Regula 1019 Compact Device

10x incident/oblique white light UV 365 nm UV 313 nm UV 254 nm retroreflective light (RR) high intensity convertible IR (anti-stokes) 980nm.
Takes AAA rechargeable batteries.
Regula Compact Device + Measuring Device
Incident white light oblique white light from two sides OVD/Kinegram visualization light UV365/white + measuring scale.
MagMouse Vizualizer of Magnetic Ink
USB interface. Magnetic ink intesity measurement feature.
Examination of magnetic ink patterns. View field: 14x18 mm.
Includes CADR software for connection to PC capturing and processing images.
REGULA 4305MH Video Spectral Comparator
Colour camera: 10x digital zoom; 19? optical zoom; view field 190x143 mm (A6); autofocus; camera resolution not less than 430 Tvl.
4 camera filters - 360-1100nm.
22 light sources: white 254 313 365 400 450 470 505 530 590 700 870 940 nm transmitted white 870 and 365 nm oblique white and 870 nm coaxial external white (torch). Set of 23 LED light for hologram/kinegram examination. Magnifier Regula model 1004.
Built-in RFID reader. MRZ reading 1D/2D barcode reading.
Maximum size of investigated document is ?4 (210x300 mm).
Spectral video magnifier model 4027. Optionally: model 4017 4037 4197.
Includes VideoScope software for connection to PC capturing and processing images.
Compatible with IRS Passport Autodocs FDS Banknotes.
HSI 100 QD
Hyperspectral imaging ideal for: Ink analysis and discrimination detection of alterations or forgeries Identification of concealed or obliterated information imaging of TLC plates and visualization of watermarks. Ideal for case work our base system software is easy-to-use and provides fast efficient image analysis featuring movie-like controls to review identify and select images with the highest contrast differences.
HSI 1000
For body fluid visualization latent print analysis and trace evidence examination. Hyperspectral imaging ideal for: Enhancing contrast for hard to detect latent prints characterizing ignitable liquid residue visualizing bloodstain spatter and transferred stains analyzing gun powder patterns and spectral and visual comparisons of physical trace evidence.

Ideal for large or bulky items and a wide array of forensic analysis this product combines hyperspectral imaging with easy to use software allowing you to enhance contrast minimizes substrate interference and painstakingly reveals critical information that makes the case.
HSI 200 QD
Hyperspectral imaging ideal for: Examination of covert security features authentication of travel documents/currency printed ink comparison and authentication detection and alterations and counterfeits revealing concealed or obliterated information advanced imaging of TLC plates. This product combines high-resolution spectral imaging dynamic software intuitive workspace management tools and a wide range of optional accessories such as reference databases microscopes and ICAO readers to create a truly comprehensive document examination system.
Regula 1019.01 (with Measuring scale)
10x incident/oblique white light UV 365nm UV313nm UV 254nm retroreflective light (RR) high intensity convertible IR light (anti-stokes) 980nm autonomous power supply.
Regula Compact Device 1025.01
Full-page passport and document reader I
ID-1 ID-2 ID-3 documents
Uritrace Kit (15test/Kit)PDF
Abacus Uritrace
For the Forensic and Crime Scene Identification of Urine (25 test/kit).
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