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XTEK has a qualified Armourer for any queries about weapon maintenance and repairs.

Contact XTEK for more information.

1800 500 032.


TSCM Capability 

XTEK can provide a comprehensive range of Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) capabilities for the Government, Law Enforcement, Military and Commercial sectors. In association with its highly reputable TSCM service provider, XTEK is capable of effectively meeting all of its client’s TSCM requirements professionally and discreetly, thus maintaining world-class standards of security. Further details on the range of TSCM capabilities available can be found here:

TSCM_Capabilty.pdf (2.1MB)

Contact Alan Elliott, XTEK EOD/HRR Manager, for more information.

1800 500 032

LED Services

XTEK's Logistical Engineers Department (LED) offers services in: 

  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Service and Repairs
  • Overflow Assembly and Labour

Contact Al Akkawy, XTEK Logistics Engineering Division Manager, for more information.

1800 500 032

Training Services

XTEK is a leading ISO-accredited service provider (AS/NZS (ISO) 9001:2008) in the delivery of leading homeland security products and services. 

Our specialist staff have extensive experience in the development and delivery of training to a range of Australian Government agencies (inclusive of Defence, Attorney Generals Department, Parliament House, and others) as well as the Commercial and Private sector. We can also tailor specialist courses by utilising the relevant details as follows.

For further information please contact XTEK on the details provided below.

  • Plan and conduct evacuation of premises
  • Access security risk management options
  • Prepare security risk management plan
  • Implement security risk management plan
  • Apply Ionizing radiation safety procedures
  • Certificate 4 in Government Investigation
  • Certificate 2 and 3 in security operations
  • Certificate 4 in security and risk management.

Other competencies can also be awarded for radiation safety awareness if the two day course is considered. An outline of the one day training is as follows:

  • Legislation and Regulation for the use of Cabinet X-ray machines
  • Ionising radiation safety awareness
  • Preparing an X-ray machine for mail screening operations
  • Conducting screening using a cabinet security x-ray machine and any other devices used in the process
  • Identification of mail borne threats including nuisance mail, explosive devices, and powders
  • Conducting a visual inspection and search of a potential threat item
  • Interpreting x-ray images
  • Provision of a student handout addressing the material covered in the training.

Our training day starts at 0900Hrs and concludes at 1700Hrs. XTEK can run the course either at XTEK in Fyshwick or in your work place, or a combination of the two. Students receive a comprehensive course hand out and a nationally recognised certificate.

This training is tailored to each organisation’s specific circumstance. The basic operating principles of x-ray machines are generic; however there are a great number of variants on the market and often times each is configured differently. XTEK would need to conduct an audit of your machine as part of the development process. This will take up to half a day and this service can be incorporated into a machine service call if required. XTEK would also need to review and confirm current organisational emergency and response procedures before incorporating them into the course material.

Contact Tibor Fekete, Head of Business Development, for more information.


1800 500 032