Tactical and Protective Security

XTEK specialises in providing integrated solutions to defence, law enforcement and national security agencies as well as cutting edge technologies to outside agencies. XTEK imports, refines, develops and engineers solutions to provide protective security and tactical solutions that are a step above our competitors.

We are very proud of our sniper system, the XTEK Tac 2. This was refined from years of operator feedback and has been entirely developed and re-engineered from the ground up. This has resulted in one of the worlds most advanced sniper rifles that is in use by every major agency in Australia.

Please visit the XTEK Blaser Tactical 2 Sniper Rifle page to read more on this product.

XTEK’s Tactical and Protective Security division is run by Dan Richmond. Dan has a background in Specialist areas within the Australian Military and a state police specialist tactical unit. 

Dan has spent time in the development and training areas within both of these areas and has an extensive background in Tactical operations and has always been highly interested in the equipment and weapons available to increase the effectiveness of tactical units.

If you are from one of these areas, Please feel free to contact Dan to have him provide some options for you to have a look at to enable you to solve operational problems or enhance operational capability within your area.

In addition to the Blaser Tactical 2 sniper rifle, XTEK also represent the following manufacturers:
Ammunition & Ancillaries:
XTEK also designs and manufactures, through our Engineering Design Office, customized small arms ancillaries such as Picatinny rails, scope mounts, rifle stocks, magazines and suppressors.
Tactical Solutions


For more information on XTEK’s Tactical and Protective Security Solutions, please contact:

Daniel Richmond
Tactical and Protective Security Sales Manager

P: 1800 500 032
E: Daniel@xtek.net

XTEK Ltd Firearms Dealers Licence No: 408263189.