About Us

XTEK‘s purpose


protect the frontline protectors

XTEK‘s business


is providing high-quality front line combatant products and tailored solutions to government agencies, law enforcement, military, space and commercial sectors

XTEK‘s focus


is on developing and commercialising its high value proprietary technologies and solutions by leveraging its established distribution network in global markets

XTEK‘s expanding


into the US market, accelerated via the acquisition of HighCom in 2019 -


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XTEK provides the following capabilities and solutions through its in-house technology and exclusive reseller partnerships


Ballistic armour

Pushing the limits of material science and processing technologies, we deliver state of the art solutions to protect and sustain personnel and assets for Defence Forces and Governments agencies.

Advanced composites

XTEK’s advanced composite solutions have unique advantages for use in a range of commercial areas, including space applications, lightweight components and for use in frontline applications for man, machine and robot.

SUAS supply & maintenance

Supply & maintenance of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) includes providing a whole-life service from hardware supply via exclusive partnerships to long term support, repair, maintenance and training.

Other products & services

XTEK provides a range of other solutions through its technologies and distribution agreements. These other markets include: EOD, forensics, Tactical, Logistics Engineering, XTEK Tac2 and XTvis.



The XTEK head office is located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia. XTEK’s headquarters services and supports our corporate and management functions, project management, engineering, customer service and sustainment. The Canberra facility houses a sophisticated electronics workshop and a composite repair facility to provide in-house through life support for the equipment it provides.


XTEK Manufacturing and R&D Centre in Adelaide, South Australia, is primarily focused on the development of XTclave and lightweight composite technologies. The facility provides XTclave, CNC machining, fabrication and injection moulding capabilities for the company.