10th of October 2019

Issue of New Securities

1st of October 2019

Acquisition of HighCom completed

26th September 2019

XTEK Annual Report

25th of September 2019

XTEK SUAS Support Contract

25th of September 2019

XTEK secures SUAS Support Services Contract

9th of August 2019

Issue of New Securities for XTEK SPP

8th of August 2019

Completion of XTEK SPP

8th of August 2019

Completion of XTEK SPP

26th of July 2019

Joint Statement of Strategic Intent and Cooperation Between Australian Space Agency and XTEK Ltd

26th of July 2019

XTEK & Australian Space Agency sign Joint Statement of Strategic Intent

25th of July 2019

XTEK Share Purchase Plan Clarification

24th of July 2019

Issue of New Securities of 24 July 2019

22nd of July 2019

XTEK Limited Share Purchase Plan Opens

17th of July 2019

XTEK announces US Acquisition Placement and SPP

12th of June 2019

XTEK enters into Memorandum of Understanding with Skykraft

3rd of June 2019


20th of May 2019

XTEK X-Ray Equipment sales to Defence

9th of May 2019

First International Purchase Order for XTatlasTM Software

1st of May 2019

XTEK selected as exclusive Australian heckler and Koch value-added reseller

20th of February 2019

XTEK Market Update of 20 Feb 2019


23rd of November 2018

XTEK Managing Directors Address 2018 AGM

23rd of November 2018

Results of 2018 Annual General Meeting

22nd of November 2018

XTEK receives purchase order for SUAS spare parts

25th of October 2018

Update on XTclave Commercialisation

18th of October 2018

XTEK presents at key investor conference

18th of October 2018

18th of October 2018 Announcements

11th of October 2018

XTEK XTatlas Order

12th of September 2018

XTEK Investor Presentation

3rd of September 2018

XTE 31 Aug 2018

31st of August 2018

31st of August 2018 Announcements

21st of August 2018

XTEK Market update

31st of May 2018

XTEK receives its first ADF order for XTclave BodyArmour

26th of April 2018

XTEK Market Update March Quarter 2018

10th of April 2018

ADF SUAS Purchase Order

27th of February 2018

XTEK Half Year Report

19th of February 2018

XTEK Investor Presentation

1st of February 2018

XTEK December Quarter Market Update


21st of December 2017

MD Letter to Shareholders

19th of December 2017

XTEK receives European purchase order for ballistic armour

30th of November 2017

XTEK AGM Video Broadcast

24th of November 2017

24th of November 2017 Announcements

26th of October

XTEK Market Update

23rd of October 2017

Notice of AGM

17th of October 2017

17th of October 2017 Announcements

31st of August 2017

31st of August 2017 Announcements

27th of July 2017

27th of July 2017 Announcements

20th of July 2017

XTEK Market Update

4th of July 2017

XTEK Supplies the ADF with EOD Equipment

28th of June 2017

XTEK Equity Raising Presentation

28th of June 2017

XTEK Placement and SPP

16th of June 2017

XTEK Secures Contract to Suppy EOD Robots

14th of June 2017

XTEK Signs US CTTSO Agreement

9th of June 2017

XTEK Company Update 9 June 2017

1st of June 2017

XTEK XTEK to Supply SUAS to the ADF

9th of May 2017

Investor and Shareholder Presentation

3rd of May 2017

XTEK Quarterly Update

10th of March 2017

XTEKProduces High Protection Ballistic Armour

14th of February 2017

XTEK to supply the ADF with X-Ray Generators

2nd of February 2017

XTEK Quarterly Update for Q2 FY2017

23rd of January 2017

XTEK secures police robot contract



AGM 2016


XTEK AGM Presentation


Notice of AGM