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Pushing the limits of material science and processing technologies, we deliver state of the art solutions to protect and sustain personnel and assets for Defence Forces and Governments agencies.


Our multi-disciplinary team consists of material scientists, engineers, designers and technical machinists and manufacturing specialists.


With two development facilities in Canberra and Adelaide, Australia, housing specialist equipment, including XTEK's patented XTclave™. We can conceive, design, prototype, test and manufacture composite products for rapid entry into service.


Our current products include ballistic armour solutions (Body Armour and Helmets), lightweight componentsauxillary systems and carbon fibre composites.


Armour Solutions


Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) Plates

XTEK has developed two UHWMPE only SAPI plates addressing the MSC/M80 and SS109 threats, tested in accordance with NIJ0101.06 (sans section 6).

XTEK is also developing hybrid material SAPI plates for other threat and threshold requirement levels. 

Combat Ballistic Helmets

The challenge in ballistic helmets is to ensure uniform ballistic properties in the deep draw geometry of the helmet from every angle. Deep drawing ballistic materials is no simple feat, but XTEK has developed the technology to produce ballistically uniform helmets without slits or overlaps to meet the MSC threat level.

Structural / Non-structural Ballistic Armour Plates and Joiners

The XTclave technology has been employed to produce panel joiners for vehicle protection certified to STANAG 4569. These plates are both lighter and thinner than current benchmarks and can be produced specific to platform geometry and shape requirements.



Lightweight Components

Integrated into XTEK’s Tac 2 .338/7.62 sniper rifle are a significant number of carbon fibre composite components to reduce weight and increase stiffness.

XTEK designed and produces these components in-house using the XTclave and other composite technologies to produce a lightweight, high performing sniper rifle for the Australian Defence and Police forces.

Carbon Fibre Composites

Using XTEK’s patented consolidation technology, XTEK can produce high fibre volume fraction composites for the ultimate performing parts.

XTEK’s patented technology provides ultra high pressure consolidation in combination with high temperature to form and consolidate the ballistic materials into the required part geometries.



Our experts can advise on the full range of features and options, please use

our contact page or call us on +61 2 6163 5588 if you have any questions