Advanced Composites

Applications for XTEK’s advanced composites


Space satellite & launch systems


XTEK can leverage the unique technical advantages of its XTclave technology for space applications. The ultra high process pressure reduces plastic outgassing, which is often considered a limiting factor for lightweight composite use in space. Additionally, it also achieves a higher specific strength to weight ratio.


Carbon products


Using XTEK’s patented consolidation technology, XTEK can produce high fibre volume fraction composites for the ultimate performing parts.

Lightweight Components


Integrated into XTEK’s Tac 2 .338/7.62 sniper rifle are a significant number of carbon fibre composite components to reduce weight and increase stiffness.


XTEK designed and produces these components in-house using the XTclave and other composite technologies to produce a lightweight, high performing sniper rifle for the Australian Defence and Police forces.



XTEK’s patented technology provides ultra high pressure consolidation in combination with high temperature to form and consolidate the materials into the required part geometries.