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About Us

XTEK LTD is the market leader in high-quality security products to protect and sustain the Defence Forces, Police Forces and other Government Agencies.


XTEK has key management and staff with distinguished military and police backgrounds and extensive experience in the Homeland Security sector; thus ensuring professional, reliable and expert service delivery to clients.


XTEK offers a suite of products from a network of exclusive reseller partnerships and in-house developed technologies to address current and emerging needs in the defence and homeland security markets.


XTEK provides these products through the following business units:


Composites (Lightweight Composites)

EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal )


SUAS (Small Unmanned Aerial Systems) 

Tactical (Tactical and Protective Solutions)


XTEK supports all its products through is Logistics Engineering Business Unit (LEBU)


XTEK has the following accreditations:

  • QMS ISO 9001-2015
  • DoD – DMO Registered Technical Support Agency
  • Member of the Defence Industry Security Program
  • Defence Recognised Supplier of Strategic Capabilities


The XTEK Story

The Sydney Hilton Hotel bombing (13 February 1978) during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting was a day that changed Australia's story and future. Security became a growing concern and Australia needed the tools and equipment to overcome and protect against this growing threat.


XTEK grew in the aftermath of this event by providing state of the art tactical and protective equipment necessary to manage the changed homeland security situation.


Since this time, XTEK has continued to grow in order to provide specialist equipment and state of the art technology solutions to protect and sustain Australia and other friendly nations’ personnel and assets to whatever threat they faced. XTEK has established a wide range of distinct and unique offerings to fulfil many capability requirements.


In 1998, XTEK established it’s logistics hub in Moorebank, Sydney, Australia for the management and distribution of it’s specialised solutions.


In 2005 XTEK established it's research facilities in Adelaide, Australia. This site was and still is established as XTEK's armour research hub.


The Company was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:XTE) on the 15th of September 2005. XTEK is Australia's only publicly listed Homeland Security Company.


XTEK acquired Simmerison Holdings Pty Limited in September 2015 to Commercialise their technology - spatially accurate real-time 3D visual impact analysis software and associated services to build geospatially accurate 3D simulations. The technology will also help develop solutions to exploit imagery from SUAS platforms and other aerial systems.



The XTEK head office is located in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, situated close to our largest customers, the Australian Government. XTEK Canberra is primarily focussed on corporate and executive management functions, project management, engineering, customer service and sustainment. The Canberra facility houses a sophisticated electronics workshop and a composite repair facility to provide in-house through life support for the equipment it provides.


XTEK warehouse in Moorebank, New South Wales, is ideally located to support the storage and freight activities of the company. The Moorebank facility is XTEK’s logistics hub coordinating the import, export and distribution of XTEK’s specialist solutions.


The XTEK engineering facility in Adelaide, South Australia, is primarily focused on the development of XTclave and lightweight composite technologies. The facility provides XTclave, CNC machining, fabrication and injection moulding capabilities for the company.