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The CALIBER® T5 is a small, light, narrow robot built upon the successful design of the MK3 CALIBER®. Weighing only 140lbs, it is a two-man portable system that utilizes a single turreted claw/disrupter arm, perfect for quick deployment as an EOD or SWAT tool.


At 17.25" wide, the CALIBER® T5 is best suited to EOD and SWAT teams needing to deploy a compact robot into the narrow passages of plane, train, and bus aisles. With a turreted claw/disrupter arm, that integrates the remote handling capabilities of a robotic claw with the render-safe and breaching capabilities of a disrupter, the CALIBER® T5 can easily inspect and retrieve suspicious devices between seats. Add the optional Arm Extension Kit to extend the reach to 105" to inspect overhead compartments while keeping responders safe from danger.


Standard Features:


  • Chain driven with two speed transmission (low gear / high gear)
  • Rubber tracks with anti-flip bar for climbing stairs
  • Turning circle 0 degrees
  • Low Speed: 0-2 mph (0-3.2 km/h)
  • High speed: 2 – 5mph (8 km/h)
  • Robot Battery Pack – 8Ah 24V DC lead acid rechargeable, quick change
  • Two Battery Chargers
  • Command and Control Unit to operate robot with Tripod
  • Wireless RF system (900 MHz data,2.4 GHz video)
  • Turret and Arm Rotation (+/- 120 degrees)
  • Shoulder rotation (0 – 180 degrees)
  • Elbow rotation (0 – 270 degrees)
  • Claw rotation (360 degrees continuous rotation)
  • Lift capacity: 8kg (18 lbs)(arm extended); 20kg (45 lbs)(arm retracted)
  • Vertical reach: 1.68 m (66″)
  • Horizontal reach: 119 cm (47″)
  • Infra Red Color Front Drive & Rear Drive Cameras CCD
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom color camera
  • Color Claw Camera CCD with LED Light
  • Color Disrupter Camera CCD with Lasers for aiming Recoilless Disrupters
  • 2 LED lights mounted on Turret
  • 2 Independent isolated circuits
  • Single Mounting bracket for one Recoilless Disrupter
  • Standard 500 ft. (153m) tether reel with Slip Ring used as an alternative to RF control (Fibre optic reel available as option)
  • Two-way communication (talk/listen) with transmitter and receivers and PTT headset
  • One day Robot Operation and Maintenance course
  • 2-Year limited warranty
  • Unlimited technical support

Our experts can advise on the full range of features and options, please use

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