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Our new large EOD robot tEODor EVO combines all the proven features of its predecessor tEODor with latest, advanced technologies. In addition to a large number of technical developments especially in the areas of radio and camera technology, the innovative operating concept 'Robo Command' ensures that the operator intuitively interacts with the robot.

This allows the operator to focus on all disposal tasks, combating CBRN threats as well as tackling industrial applications. The "tEDOor EVO" inherited its reliability from lessons learned on its predecessor. As expected in terms of power, it has a lot to offer: Lifting objects up to 130 kg are no problem for the tEODor EVO.

Our experts can advise on the full range of features and options, please use

our contact page or call us on +61 2 6163 5588 if you have any questions