XTEK have sucessfully been providing forensic solutions for Defence, Police, State and National Laboratories, Federal and State Government Departments, Universities and Private Industry across Australasia for almost two decades.   

XTEK strive to provide forensic solutions that have been developed by forensic science leaders specifically for use in the forensic arena. XTEK's team continuously review and research evolving relevant technology and engage with the end user to remian current with forensic industry needs.



Crime Scene



XTEK is in a unique position to deliver a wide variety of forensic consumables and equipment to our Crime Scene customers based in Australia and New Zealand.

XTEK works closely with our suppliers in Europe and the USA to ensure that Crime Scene Investigators have access to the latest high-quality equipment and consumables.


Key products available include:

  • Evidence bags

  • Crime scene markers

  • UV Light Sources

  • Personal protection equipment








XTEK has long been a major supplier of fingerprint equipment to Australian and New Zealand Police Forces. We also supply other Government agencies and private practices.

We continually work with our suppliers to bring the latest latent fingerprint examination equipment and consumables to our customers.


Key products available include:

  • A range of fingerprint powders and brushes

  • Cyanoacrylate fuming chambers








Here at XTEK, we understand the importance of providing high-quality consumables for laboratory technicians.

 XTEK has sourced an impressive catalogue of consumables and equipment that complies with strict laboratory conditions. We are able to make   consumable kits which comply with International standards and to your requirements.


Key products available include:

  • Biological diagnostic tests

  • Specialty labels

  • Personal protection equipment



 Document Examiners





XTEK is able to offer a suite of products to suit every level of document examination. XTEK keeps up to date with the rapid changes in   technology in this area and is able to provide our customers with the latest equipment.

XTEK works closely with suppliers to ensure the equipment is made available for demonstration and trial periods to enable customers to have a   ‘hands-on experience’ with emerging technology.


Key products available include:

  • Hyperspectral imaging Systems

  • UV light sources




The XTEK Logistic Engineering Division (LED) workshop represents a large family of high-end equipment suppliers from around the world by providing in-country service and support for a range of electronic / electro-mechanical equipment and a varying range of forensic instruments and fuming cabinets.The XTEK LED workshop service and support can include Through Life Support (TLS), project delivery, inventory control, repairs, maintenance, and training for both government and private sector agencies.


The XTEK LED Workshop has the following accreditations:

  • QMS ISO 9001-2008

  • DoD - DMO Registered Technical Support Agency Member of the Defence Industry Security Program

  • Defence Recognised Supplier of Strategic Capabilities


The LED workshop offers its support capability to the Forensic sales division of XTEK which has been supplying Australasian Police and Laboratory clients with high-quality instruments and products for over 15 years. XTEK Forensics unit offers a wide range of equipment and consumables for Crime Scene examination and recovery, Forensic Document Examination, Latent Fingerprint Examination and Fingerprint processing, Forensic Biology, Trace Evidence Analysis and Disaster Victim Identification (DVI). XTEK is committed to keeping abreast of new and emerging technologies in the industry and will continue to provide exemplary support to the Australasian forensic science community. 


XTEK represents and supports equipment in the country for the following forensics suppliers in Australia: