• Posted on: 15 May 2018
  • By: Admin
The NeX-Ray® technology is based on a novel method for reading storage phosphor imaging plates.

Unlike conventional laser-based CR readers which rely on a pixel-by-pixel “pencil beam” scanning technique, the NeX-Ray® technology relies on line-by-line scanning technique. The key innovation is a “contact image sensor” consisting of an assembly of linear arrays which can scan an entire line of the imaging plate at a time (called a scanhead).

All of the NeX-Ray® products incorporate patented scanhead technology, which utilizes a low-profile scanhead moving across the imaging plate to electronically capture and store the target image, which can then be displayed in near real-time for analysis.

Size, weight and portability are critical to NeX-Ray® customers and this unique scanning methodology results in a significantly smaller form factor than other solutions currently offered in the market.