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10th of March

XTEK out to "protect the frontline protectors" with ballistic armour and tech solutions

XTEK Ltd (ASX:XTE)'s Scott Basham gives the business case for the company's 'protecting and detecting' technology offering. XTEK is the only Australian military helmet manufacturer, and its overarching mission is to "protect the frontline protectors" with its ballistic armour and other solutions.


3rd of December

XTEK Limited’s newly appointed Group CEO, Mr Scott Basham, hasn’t wasted any time in visiting XTEK’s Adelaide Manufacturing Facility (AMC) following COVID travel restrictions being relaxed.

XTEK Limited’s newly appointed Group CEO, Mr Scott Basham, hasn’t wasted any time in visiting XTEK’s Adelaide Manufacturing Facility (AMC) following COVID travel restrictions being relaxed.

While spending several days at AMC, Basham inspected each part of the unique manufacturing facility and met each team member. In addition, Basham visited and met with the Special Projects division and toured the R&D facilities and labs, and took the opportunity to provide the whole Adelaide based team an update on how XTEK are performing and the future outlook.

Speaking of the visit, Basham was full of praise:


“What the team here at AMC has accomplished in such a short period of time is truly amazing. Over A$10mil has been invested in this facility, and while we have a unique manufacturing capability in the XTclave™, we also have buildings, R&D facilities, and production lines that have XTEK well positioned to provide our customers with personal armour products with highest quality, and the highest protection level.


Our Adelaide Manufacturing Centre is fully operational, with state of the art technology and unique manufacturing processes that will set XTEK apart from other personal armour producers.


I’ve personally met each team member in Adelaide, spoken with them, and seen what they are doing to make XTEK’s products, and I was impressed with their professionalism, organisation, and quiet confidence. It was clearly demonstrated to me that our Ballistics Division is very well positioned to capitalise on opportunities we are seeing develop for 2022.


I want to thank the head of XTEK’s Armour & Composites, Craig Schmidt, for his tireless efforts in getting our AMC to this point, and congratulate Craig and his whole team on the remarkable efforts to date. These activities are in line with my comments at the recent XTEK AGM: we have a group-wide focus on costs, while enabling our team to fully utilise the assets we have to deliver the best products possible.”


7th of May

XTEK Ltd secures significant first international commercial order for its ballistic plates

XTEK Ltd's (ASX:XTE) Philippe Odouard tells Proactive's Andrew Scott winning their first international commercial order for its lightweight XTclave™ manufactured ballistic plates is a key milestone for the firm.

5th of May


Listed Australian defence supplier Xtek (ASX:XTE) has achieved its first international commercial order for armour plates made using its proprietary curing technique.

18th of February

XTEK opens start-of-the-art ballistic manufacturing centre in South Australia

XTEK Ltd (ASX:XTE) has today officially opened its new, advanced state-of-the-art ballistic manufacturing centre in Adelaide, South Australia.

The investment in the manufacturing centre ensures XTEK is on track to capitalise on the significant upside value opportunities of its high-margin ballistic armour and advanced composite solutions.



7th of May

Morgan Advanced Materials Unveils New Lightweight, High-protection ERGOTEC 4025 Explosive Ordinance Disposal Suit

Integrating new technology, leading edge materials and world class garment engineering, the ERGOTEC™ 4025 combines the highest levels of protection with the user mobility required for successful EOD missions.

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defense Systems business announces the debut of its new lightweight ERGOTEC™ 4025 explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) suit. Integrating new technology, leading edge materials and world class garment engineering, the ERGOTEC™ 4025 combines the highest levels of protection with the user mobility required for successful EOD missions. Morgan will be unveiling the new suit at the NSSF Shot Show with Point Blank, to be held January 20-23, 2015 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ERGOTEC 4025™ EOD is available to US law enforcement customers exclusively through Point Blank.

The ERGOTEC™ 4025 features a new streamlined chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) facemask (patent applied for). Fitting under the suit’s helmet, the facemask, alongside the CBRN bodysuit, gloves, and foot protection, acts as a critical CBRN shield while maintaining the helmet’s streamlined design. Another leading innovation is the suit’s quick release mechanisms (patent applied for), allowing the user to self-extract from the suit in an emergency situation in less than 20 seconds.

Further advances include a decoupling breastplate with an innovative three-piece design, providing high flexibility to users. An integrated back protector provides blunt trauma protection while delivering cooling air, and the suit’s cooling system fits neatly into the rear of the suit. Available in five different mix and match sizes and a range of colors, the suit can be customized to meet market needs.

“The design of the ERGOTEC™ 4025 suit has focused on disposal strategies involving gathering forensic evidence, which requires high protection with flexibility to enable the user to perform such maneuvers as climbing or crawling,” said Martyn Cook, Development Director of Morgan Composites and Defense Systems. “We are confident that this is our most ergonomic, lightweight EOD suit yet, and are looking forward to launching at the Shot Show.”


18 Oct 2017

XTEK awarded multi-million dollar purchase order

XTEK (ASX:XTE) has received a purchase order from the Australian Defence Force (ADF) for the supply of x-ray equipment worth A$2.4 million.

25 Jul 2017

XTEK signs formal contract with Australian Defence

XTEK (ASX:XTE) has today formally signed the previously detailed contract to supply small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) to the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Under the agreement, XTEK is the prime contractor and will deliver a range of products worth circa A$42 million to the ADF over three years, commencing 1 July 2018.

28 Jun 2017

XTEK secures cash in oversubscribed capital raising

XTEK (ASX:XTE) has completed a $3.0 million oversubscribed placement to sophisticated and institutional investors priced at $0.46 per share.

26 June 2017

XTEK Limited to reveal raising details

XTEK Limited (ASX:XTE) has been granted a trading halt by the ASX, pending details of a capital raising.

19 June 2017

Access latest PPT from Proactive's CEO Sessions

Xtek's (ASX:XTE) managing director, Philippe Odouard, joined Proactive's CEO Sessions in Sydney on Wednesday 14th June and Melbourne on Thursday 15th June.


9 Mar 2016

Update on Commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Services Business



XTEK has lodged an application with CASA for a UAV Operator’s Certificate, to operate the Lynx M fixed wing UAS from Swift Radio Planes and the Qube, quadrotor UAV from AeroVironment Inc. 

XTEK intends to fly these UAS, on a commercial basis, as soon as a UAV Operator’s Certificate has been issued.

The following links provide more information on these UAS:

•    Lynx M Brochure
•    Swift Radioplances - Lynx
•    Aerovironment - Qube 
•    XTatlas™


Lynx M with XTatlas™ for Real Time Contextual Video and Fast 2D Mapping


Depending on the client requirements, XTEK will use either the standard camera (see Lynx M brochure - above) or an XTatlas™ capable Go-Pro camera. e.g. If highly accurate mapping is required, with post flight processing, the 24MP Sony camera will be fitted.  If contextual video and / or fast turn-around 2D mapping is required, a Go-Pro camera with XTatlas™ will be fitted.

To find out more about CASA, the commercial operation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) in Australia and obtaining a UAV Operators Certificate:

•    CASA - Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA)
•    CASA – UAV Operator’s Certificates


10 Apr 2015

ChemImage Sensor Systems Debuts Cutting Edge Product for Correctional Facilities to Detect Hidden and Illicit Drug Substances

ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS™) proudly introduces the launch of their newest product the VeroVision™ Mail Screener, which utilizes real-time shortwave infrared imaging sensor technology to detect hidden illicit drug substances.

The initial public demonstration of this product will be at the American Jail Association’s 34th Annual Conference & Jail Expo in Charlotte, NC, from April 19th -22nd, 2015. The capabilities of the product will be displayed at the CISS exhibit at booth #229. Jeffrey Beckstead, PhD., Director of Product Development, will also be presenting the technology and its drug screening applications during the Exhibitor Showcase on Monday, April 20th at 1:00 pm.

The VeroVision Mail Screener scans articles of mail, and detects illicit drugs and common cutting agents.  The system features a simple, one-click user interface that allows the operator to scan mail within seconds and clearly confirm the existence of illicit drug substances. Using shortwave near-infrared light, the system can reveal what is invisible to the human eye. The system incorporates advanced acquisition and processing methods to detect illicit substances and presents the detections to the mail screener.

“A known problem that correctional facilities face is the continued introduction of illicit materials through the mail which causes security issues and ultimately increased cost. Understanding this issue, we knew that by combining our imaging and processing expertise, and building upon our existing VeroVision hyperspectral imaging platform, we could develop a system in a rather short period of time to address this major security issue,” states Marie Molnar Hammond, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development, ChemImage.

A major emphasis on the product feasibility and design was to meet the demands of the correction’s market and make the product a simple and effective screening tool.  We feel this goal has been met with the VeroVision Mail Screener.

“The introduction of contraband drugs through the mail is a growing problem in correctional facilities,” stated William Stickman, Retired Deputy Secretary Pa. Dept. of Corrections.  “Use of the VeroVision technology will enable the facility mail inspectors to do a more thorough job of drug detection and save time.”

“Threat detection has been a major focus for ChemImage Corporation and its sensor company CISS,” says Matthew Nelson, Chief Scientist and Line of Business Manager, ChemImage Sensor Systems.  “Extension of the VeroVision technology to illicit drug detection for corrections mail screening was a straightforward path from our standoff explosive and clandestine drug detection product line.”

“By adapting the VeroVision platform to the mail screening application, we are able to introduce the product’s feasibility into the correction’s market. The VeroVision Mail Screening product reduces the time to screen mail, while improving the detection capabilities over human screening.”

6th of March 2015

ChemImage Sensor Systems Presents a Robotically Controlled RAMAN System to Detect Explosives

ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) announces that Nathaniel R. Gomer, Ph.D, Senior Scientist will be presenting innovative results of the company’s work on a robotically controlled Raman system for detecting and identifying explosives at Pittcon 2015 in New Orleans.

Dr. Gomer’s lecture entitled, “Portable, Real-Time Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Hyperspectral Imaging System for Detection of Explosives and Other Threat Materials” will be presented during the “Analysis of Bioagents and Explosives” session on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 in Room 255 of the Morial Convention Center.  His discussion will provide attendees with an overview of the project and the capabilities of the system’s technology in the detection of improvised explosive devices through the use of portable hyperspectral imaging.

“It is a great opportunity for me to present the work we have completed to the spectroscopy community during Pittcon 2015 and have the opportunity for discussion and feedback on the project,” said Gomer.

Pittcon, first held in 1950, is the world’s largest annual premier conference and exposition on laboratory science. It is organized by The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy, a Pennsylvania not-for-profit educational corporation which is comprised of the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP) and the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh (SACP).

17 Feb 2015

VideoRay submersible ROV demonstration

XTEK has secured a significant agreement with VideoRay, the world’s largest underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) manufacturer, enabling XTEK to offer a complete range of remote vehicles to the Australian and New Zealand market.


United States-based VideoRay has sold over 3,500 submersible ROVs worldwide and the latest agreement establishes XTEK as the exclusive reseller of VideoRay systems to the defence and law enforcement sectors in Australia and New Zealand.


VideoRay systems are a highly advanced and cost-effective small solution for underwater exploration. Its versatile ROVs can be fitted with a wide range of sensors and tools to suit multiple price points and a wide range of applications, such as search and rescue, law enforcement, salvage, research and safety inspections. The most recent and notable use of VideoRay ROVs was during the raising of the cruise ship Costa Concordia, which was wrecked off the coast of Isola del Giglio in Italy in January 2012.


VideoRay demonstrated the capabilities of the portable ROV at a demonstration at Lake Burley Griffin.  For more information, contact Alan Elliott, XTEK EOD/HRR Manager 1800 500 032.




4th of February 2015

Hyperspectral Imaging Provides Detection and High Contrast Imaging of Biological Stains, According to New White Paper

ChemImage announced the release of a white paper discussing the ability of hyperspectral imaging to nondestructively demonstrate sufficient quality images that can assist bloodstain examiners in setting apart biological fluids from substrates. The analysis of biological fluids at a crime scene or on an article of physical evidence can assist investigators in understanding the circumstances surrounding a violent crime as well as provide a link between a suspect, the victim and the crime scene through DNA analysis.

In this proof-of-concept study, scientists at ChemImage used the HSI Examiner™ 1000 instrument, employing visible and near-infrared (NIR) reflectance hyperspectral imaging (HSI), to observe saliva, sweat, urine, blood and semen stains on a variety of natural and semi fabrics. The Examiner's capability for visualizing and presumptively locating the various stains on the different substrates is shown in the results.

The white paper, entitled "Hyperspectral Imaging Provides Detection and High Contrast Imaging of Biological Stains", gives reason to incorporate hyperspectral imaging as a potential solution to some challenges that exist in biological stain analysis.

19th of January 2015

XTEK are now representing IDenta in Australia

IDenta develop, manufacture and market on the spot field kits for Explosives substances and Bullet-holes and develops other forensic products.  The IDenta range of products are used all over the world in defence and law enforcement environments. The BTK is valuable operational field kit, used by forensic science professionals, for the identification of  bullet-holes.


IDenta Corp. has rapidly become recognized as a world leader in the development of forensic field testing kits. XTEK Forensics Sales manager Scott White says “XTEK are excited to be able to offer these simple but effective explosive identification and bullet hole testing kits in Australia. These precision kits are a strong addition to the XTEK EOD and forensics portfolios.”

7th of January 2015

ChemImage Sensor Systems is Selected by Edgewood Chemical Biological Center to Design the Chemical Fingerprint Identification System

PITTSBURGH, January 7, 2015 — ChemImage Sensor Systems announces that it received a contract from the U. S. Army to develop the Chemical Fingerprint Identification System (CFIS), a specialized Raman microscope system for the identification of exogenous materials collocated with latent fingerprints.  This ability to identify specific drug or explosive particles with a specific person through the collocated fingerprint will provide valuable evidence to military and law enforcement agencies for the apprehension and conviction of terrorists and criminals.


This program is under the direction of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC).  Under first task of this contract, ChemImage Sensor Systems will leverage its experience with the design and fabrication of Raman Chemical Imaging microscope systems to design the hardware, detection algorithms and operating software for the CFIS.  The contract also contains an option to build two CFIS units and participate in extensive Government qualification testing of the CFIS at ECBC.


“We are excited about the opportunity to expand our collaboration with the scientists at ECBC and particularly with the Laser Standoff Spectroscopy Branch,” stated Project Manager, Charles W. Gardner, Ph.D., PMP.  “ChemImage FALCON II Raman Chemical Microscope Systems enabled ECBC researchers to perform the proof of concept studies that made the contract feasible.  We are pleased to have been selected to take the product development to the next level.”


“The CFIS will be a significant addition to our product line of detection systems for explosive and drug residues,” stated Matthew P. Nelson, Ph.D., Chief Scientist and Business Director.  “ChemImage Sensor Systems will now be a single supplier of detection systems for standoff, macroscopic and microscopic identification of threat residues in support of law enforcement activities.”


29th of October 2014

Centice Drug Analysis Systems Sold to Major Federal Agency to Aid in Prescription Pill Abuse Operations


Nationwide program allows agents to identify over 3,800 prescription pills and illicit drugs.


RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (October 28, 2014) – Centice Corporation, a pioneer in narcotic and pharmaceutical identification using Raman spectroscopy technology, today announced that a major federal agency is now using the Centice MFL-3000 drug analysis system to aid in prescription pill abuse operations.  The operations focus on stopping the illegal use of prescription drugs for recreational purposes, doctor shopping, and pill mills, across the United States.

Prescription drug abuse continues to be the nation’s fastest growing drug problem.  The abuse of controlled prescription drugs (CPDs) poses a significant drug threat to the United States and places a considerable burden on law enforcement and public health resources. Nationally, 28.1 percent of law enforcement agencies responding to the 2013 National Drug Threat Survey (NDTS) reported CPDs as the greatest drug threat, up from 9.8 percent in 2009.

“Centice’s MFL-3000 drug analysis system has become law enforcement’s “go to” tool for the rapid, non-destructive detection of pharmaceutical and narcotic substances,” said John Goehrke, CEO of Centice. “The system quickly and accurately identifies illicit narcotics, cutting agents street mixtures, precursors, and controlled prescription drugs.”

Centice is a leader in delivering unique technology and systems for the identification of narcotic and pharmaceutical substances.  Based on proven Raman spectroscopy technology, Centice’s portable system identifies pills (including scraped / unmarked / crushed), or unknown illicit substances in just seconds, without destroying evidence. With a library of over 3,800 narcotics, precursors, synthetic drugs, and prescription pills, the Centice Drug Analysis System can identify the vast majority of illicit substances found on the street. In addition, the identification of the strength of cutting agents and precursors helps give valuable real time intelligence to narcotic investigations.  Centice software handles both direct library matches and compound mixtures, in which substances of interest are mixed with cutting agents and their identification can be important tools for law enforcement, helping investigators identify a specific dealer or lead to a larger arrest. 

Operating worldwide through a network of distributors and support organizations, Centice sells to numerous markets including international governments, federal agencies, prisons, drug task forces, as well as local law enforcement agencies.  Currently, systems are deployed across five continents and in 45 US states and territories.

30th of July 2014

MINOX and Optronika launch German Sports Optics


MINOX, the sport optics and camera manufacturer based in Wetzlar and Optronika, the riflescope specialist out of Biebertal, have formed an alliance with the participation of the L&O Group, Germany.


Following the alliance, the newly established company will be responsible for the development, design and production of the MINOX sports optics range. Under the management of Thorsten Kortemeier, MINOX GmbH will continue to operate within GSO as an independent company in the production of photographic, wildlife observation, hunting and water sports products.


Hans A. Bender together with Thorsten Kortemeier will be the executive managers of the newly established GSO. "We are excited about this strategic development and are confident that the internationally renowned brand MINOX with its worldwide distribution, will provide a huge potential for growth," said Hans A. Bender.


"GSO is a consistent further development of our company to focus on the optics division by integrating the competencies and capacities of Optronika in the areas of development, design and production," as Thorsten Kortemeier reasoned concerning this strategic coalition of the two companies.

21st of July 2014

ChemImage demonstration a success


XTEK Limited, with the support of the Forensic Document Service and ChemImage, hosted a successful document examination demonstration in Sydney and at XTEK’s head office in Canberra.  This sophisticated technology has been brought to Australia by ChemImage.


Many participants came along to view the HSI Examiner 200 QD from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, DFAT, University of Canberra, Canberra Institute of Technology, National Museum of Australia and National Archives of Australia.


The participants were shown, and also provided their own examples, of tampered handwriting and printing on documents. Some faded documents were also explored and some vehicle paint samples were also examined.  The groups included both document examiners and conservators.  The technology possesses the ability to not only examine documents, but also has applications in the field of art conservation and appraisal.




The HSI Examiner 200 QD features:

  • Authentication of travel documents and currency
  • Printed ink comparison and document authentication
  • Detection of alterations and counterfeits
  • Revealing concealed or obliterated information
  • Advanced imaging of TLC plates

30th of June 2014

XTEK signs new partnership with Trijicon

XTEK is pleased to announce that a new partnership has been formed with U.S aiming systems manufacturer, Trijicon. World-renowned for its innovative applications of tritium and advanced fibre-optics, Trijicon manufactures advanced riflescopes and sights for tactical and sporting applications. Trijicon is proud to count as their customers the United States Marine Corps, United States Army, United States Special Operations Forces, United States Government, and state and local Law Enforcement.


Adrien Baldwin, Head of Sales and Marketing at XTEK says “XTEK is pleased to be able to promote such high-quality precision products to Australian Defence and law enforcement environments.  We are excited to add these products to our ancillaries range and are looking forward to introducing the precision sights and scopes to our customers."


Trijicon’s commitment to continuous improvement of products and services is paramount in their endeavours to continue as a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality, innovative sighting systems.

23rd of June 2014

ChemImage demonstration announced at XTEK


XTEK is pleased to announce that ChemImage will demonstrate the HSI 200QD, and invites members of the Forensic community to join the demonstration.  There will be two demonstrations held, 14 July 2014 will be in Sydney, and 16 July 2014 in Canberra.


The unique hyperspectral imaging and processing capabilities of the HSI Examiner provides greater sensitivity to alterations and forgeries, thereby reducing the amount of time spent examining documents.  


In addition, the cutting edge liquid imaging filter and the state-of-the-art software platform means that images can be collected more than two times faster than video spectral systems.  And with all the features and functionality included in the HSI Examiner, our customers still marvel at how easy this system is to use.


Participants are also invited to bring along samples to try to HSI 200QD capabilities.

18th of Feb 2014

Projectina agreement signed with XTEK


XTEK Ltd is delighted to announce the signing of an agreement with Forensic Technology Inc.  This agreement will enable XTEK to include Projectina’s range of crime scene lighting within its comprehensive portfolio of high-quality forensics equipment.


This is an opportunity for XTEK to offer the Australian market access to the Swiss-made Projectina suite of products backed by a world-class technical support and service capability.

Forensic Technology pioneered automated ballistics identification more than 20 years ago and continues to be a leader in ballistics and firearm identification technologies that promote a safer society. In 2011, Forensic Technology acquired Projectina Ltd, a specialised Swiss company in the field of computation, development and manufacture of crime scene equipment, document examination systems, and comparison microscopes.

“XTEK remains committed to providing its customers with the very latest cutting-edge technology. The addition of the Projectina suite of products will further provide customers with a greater variety of premium, internationally recognised products.  In extension to this, XTEK is pleased to be able to offer lifetime support for all of its products with its in-house, fully-qualified technical team,” stated Scott White, XTEK Ltd Forensic Sales Manager.