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1 Jun 2017

A new world-class surveillance and reconnaissance capability acquired by Defence will give our soldiers an edge on the front line.

30 Nov 2016

This presentation for XTEK Limited (ASX: XTE) was presented at the 2016 Anual General Meeting on the 25 November 2016.

9 Mar 2016

XTEK has lodged an application with CASA for a UAV Operator’s Certificate, to operate the Lynx M fixed wing UAS from Swift Radio Planes and the Qube, quadrotor UAV from AeroVironment Inc. 

10 Apr 2015

ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS™) proudly introduces the launch of their newest product the VeroVision™ Mail Screener, which utilizes real-time shortwave infrared imaging sensor technology to detect hidden illicit drug substances.

17 Feb 2015

XTEK has secured a significant agreement with VideoRay, the world’s largest underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) manufacturer, enabling XTEK to offer a complete range of remote vehicles to the Australian and New Zealand market.


29 Jun 2017

Turnbull Government Moves to Increase Australian Involvement in Defence Projects. 

6 Sep 2016

XTEK partners with US global leader and two other Australian companies to offer small unmanned aerial systems (SUAS) to the Australian Army.

24 Jun 2015

ADF placed an AUD $7.7 million order on Dec. 22, 2014 as part of an Army Soldier Modernization Trial procurement. AeroVironment received the order from XTEK Limited on behalf of the ADF. 

6 Mar 2015

ChemImage Sensor Systems (CISS) announces that Nathaniel R. Gomer, Ph.D, Senior Scientist will be presenting innovative results of the company’s work on a robotically controlled Raman system for detecting and identifying explosives at Pittcon 2015 in New Orleans.

4 Feb 2015

ChemImage announced the release of a white paper discussing the ability of hyperspectral imaging to nondestructively demonstrate sufficient quality images that can assist bloodstain examiners in setting apart biological fluids from substrates.