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Explosive Ordinance Disposal ( EOD )


XTEK is the primary provider to the Department of Defence for portable X-ray equipment, demolition remote firing systems, search, detection equipment, Hook and Line EOD tools and heavy RPV robots. 


XTEK supports EOD and Tactical Law Enforcement agencies within Australia with all equipment from wire cutters to Bomb Response Vehicles. XTEK also has the ability to provide more than off the shelf solutions with the backing of an experienced engineering and maintenance division. Working closely with operational EOD technicians in the research and development of new technologies to support EOD and IEDD operations domestic and abroad.





XTEK have successfully been providing forensic solutions for Defence, Police, State and National Laboratories, Federal and State Government Departments, Universities and Private Industry across Australasia for almost two decades.   

XTEK strives to provide forensic solutions that have been developed by forensic science leaders specifically for use in the forensic arena. XTEK's team continuously review and research evolving relevant technology and engage with the end user to remain current with forensic industry needs.





XTEK specialises in providing integrated solutions to Defence, law enforcement and national security agencies as well as cutting edge technologies to outside agencies. XTEK imports, refines, develops and engineers solutions to provide protective security and tactical solutions that are a step above our competitors.



Logistics Engineering


The XTEK LEBU offers flexibility in the delivery of its maintenance services by either under-taking equipment repairs at client locations and/or at our specialised maintenance facilities. XTEK’s Integrated Logistics Support en-compasses comprehensive and cost-effective life cycle support for all XTEK products by integrating the following support functions.


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XTEK’s technicians are trained and licensed to operate a range of highly specialised equipment including:


  • Configuration Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Annual Technical Inspection Services
  • Maintenance of Technical Libraries
  • Technical Help Desks
  • Supply and Maintenance of repair Pools for Specialist Equipment


XTEK Tac2 Sniper Rifle


The operating mechanism is the next evolution of highly accurate closed bolt firing systems. Utilising a 360 degree radial sprung collet to achieve precision that no other system can. This is extremely fast, simple, smooth, and allows for extreme inherent accuracy with a rate of fire that approaches semi-automatic capabilities.


The XTEK TAC2 has world leading accuracy and consistency.Currently in service with the Australian Defence Force as their premier long range weapon system.



XTviz™ was developed by Simmersion Holdings Pty Ltd which is a wholly owned subsidiary of XTEK Ltd. Simmersion specialises in creating spatially accurate interactive 3D simulations of real world environments, to assist clients in communicating to stakeholders so that they can better see, analyse and understand project outcomes.