XTEK specialises in providing integrated solutions to Defence, law enforcement and national security agencies as well as cutting edge technologies to outside agencies. XTEK imports, refines, develops and engineers solutions to provide protective security and tactical solutions that are a step above our competitors.


Armour Solutions

Small Arms Protective Insert (SAPI) Plates Ballistic Helmet Shells - XTEK designs, manufactures and tests hard armour SAPI plates and ballistic helmet shells for use by Armed Forces and Police. XTEK’s competitive advatage is in the manufacturing of these solutions using XTclave™

XTEK is proud to design and manufacture tailor-made solutions using the XTclave™ (Hydroclave) Technology. This manufacturing technology is ideally suited to the manufacture of high-quality, void-free, precision structural carbon fibre composite solutions. The XTclave™ makes it possible to manufacture lighter, stronger and stiffer composite articles.

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Ammunition and ancillaries


Trijicon aiming systems are able to be supplied through XTEK as well as the full range of UTM marking ammunition, conversion kits and protective equipment.