XTEK’s proprietary technologies



XTclave™ is a composite materials curing and consolidation technology, that uses ultra-high isostatic pressure at elevated temperatures to cure and/or consolidate thermoset and thermoplastic composite materials.


The XTclave™ technology is ideally suited to the manufacture of high-quality, void-free, precision ballistic and structural composite solutions including armour, lightweight tactical and human load carriage equipment, robotic mechanical systems and unmanned craft.


These products include high quality and lightweight ballistic armour and other advanced composites that utilise the unique advantages of the XTclave™ technology.


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XTEK’s XTatlas™ application provides real time situational awareness by connecting sensor data to the geospatial domain. XTatlas ingests and visualises full motion video (FMV) from manned and unmanned ground and aerial platforms. Geo-referenced mosaic maps, terrain elevation and 3D models can be produced from compliant video sources. Tools are provided to assist with operational planning and the dissemination of data. All data produced within XTatlas can be exported and is compatible with other geospatial software. This technology provides a valuable capability beyond defence and law enforcement and has applications including but not limited to search and rescue, firefighting and disaster response. For more information please contact us