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The operating mechanism is the next evolution of highly accurate closed bolt firing systems. Utilising a 360 degree radial sprung collet to achieve precision that no other system can. The operating mechanism is extremely fast, simple, smooth, and allows for extreme inherent accuracy with a rate of fire that approaches semi-automatic capabilities.


The XTEK Tac 2 has a cold hammer forged, nitride coated barrel and comes with the XTEK highly advanced modular bi-folding chassis system and XTEK magazines

Currently in service with the Australian Military, it has seen operational service in extreme conditions with their Special Forces for a number of years

The XTEK TAC 2 – The most advanced sniper rifle in the world


The XTEK TAC2 has world leading accuracy and consistency.

Currently in service with the Australian Defence Force as their premier long range weapon system.

There is an upgrade kit available for legacy Blaser Tactical systems.

Available in multiple calibers including 338LM and 7.62NATO.

Available with full support including transportation kits, armourers and operators toolkits and training and a suite of accessories.


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